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Protein Service

Apbios’ custom recombinant protein services provide a comprehensive portfolio of protein expression systems, including bacteria, yeast, baculovirus infected insect cells, and mammalian cells. We offer the ideal level of protein purity for your downstream applications. With customized solutions, flexible production scale, and proprietary technologies, we work in partnership with our clients to ensure efficient and high quality reagent protein production, process development and scale-up production of biologics for research purposes.

Our Advantages

 Competitive price: Starting from $1000.

 Short period: As short as 7 weeks.

 Guaranteed Package: 2~10 mg of purified proteins with a competitive price of $1,500.

 Flexible scale-up protein production: A wide variety of choices available (1L, 5L, 10L and 30L).

 One-stop service platform: Apbios Science can take your project directly from gene synthesis to downstream activities including recombinant protein expression,antibody production, and assay development.

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